False License Charge is Dismissed

December 30th 2019
Possession of a False/Stolen Identification
Illegal Tinted Windows
Suspended License
Client was a hard-working father, husband and employee. With no criminal record or history. According to Police, client was operating unlicensed and with illegally tinted windows. That resulted in him being pulled over and when he was pulled over, he handed them a license. That license became the basis of the allegation for false identification charge. That charge is a felony of a moral turpitude, which if admitted as true, could result in the refusal to remain in the United States given his immigration status. Attorney Barabino quickly became developing a plan which included a significant background memorandum. In addition, significant research into the charge laid a path for a nearly eleven-page motion to dismiss. When all this information was brought to the attention of the District Attorney, an agreement for a dismissal on ALL charges for five hundred dollars was struck. Case Dismissed.
RESULT: False License Charge is Dismissed