DWI Not Guilty

January 5, 2023
Operating Under the Influence of Intoxicating Liquor
Failure to Stop for Stop Sign (Civil)
Client was a professional and talented businessman accused of driving through an intersection and causing a car crash while intoxicated. When police arrived on scene, they observed a totaled Range Rover and detailed in their police report that Client exhibited some of commonly cited-to signs of intoxication—including red and bloodshot eyes and slurred speech. Client was offered and performed Field Sobriety Tests, particularly one called the Nine Step Walk And Turn. The entire encounter with police on scene was recorded by a body camera, which was essential to contextualizing what happened at trial. Client also took a breath test, which resulted in a Blood Alcohol Content below the legal limit. After a trial, in which four witnesses testified, a judge found Client “Not Guilty.”
RESULT: Client found “Not Guilty” after trial before a judge; no employment or immigration consequences