October 16th 2020
Operating Under the Influence/OUI/DWI
Marked Lanes Violation
Client was a particularly pleasant father who had had a few beers over a period of time at a relative’s home. While driving home, he was swerving, and a good Samaritan called 911. The 911 call was relayed to the State Police who caught up with the client, who swerved in the presence of the police officer. The police officer pulled the Defendant over. The defendant drove responsibly to the break down lane and was questioned by the officer. The young state trooper was decent, respectful and professional. Client was also respectful to the trooper. After a brief discussion and odor of alcohol and red glossy eyes. The trooper asks him to comply with a series of sobriety test. The first one didn’t go so well, but the Defendant performed the second one very good. In the end, the trooper made a decision to arrest and the case was eventually brought to trial. At the conclusion of the trial a NOT GUILTY verdict was rendered.
RESULT: Client NOT GUILTY of OUI. Marked Lanes Violations Not Responsible