DISMISSED Prior to Arraignment at Magistrate Hearing

August 20th 2021
Vandalize Property
Client was a very pleasant upstanding professional and no criminal record. She was involved in a dispute in a parking lot and in frustration made a mark in the car of another. That action constitutes vandalism and is a criminal offense. Here, the fortunate client was granted a clerk magistrate hearing which can allow for some charges to be resolved before the person is formally charged. This is a great thing since it ensures that there is truly no record if the case is managed successfully in that hearing. In this case, we worked with the insurance company paying the full amount and obtaining verification. We also provided affidavits of the insurance payment. In addition, we wrote a three page summary of the background of the defendant which demonstrated the full scope of the event within the context of her day to day struggles. In the end, the clerk and officer, and person who car was damaged all agreed to let this matter to be dismissed and closed.
RESULT: DISMISSED Prior to Arraignment at Magistrate Hearing