DEA Drug Case Results in No Record

December 21st 2021
Possession of Class “A”
Conspiracy to Violate Drug Law
Client was a very pleasant Army Veteran and computer professional. Client had no prior criminal record and was gainfully employed. He was in the early stages of using opiates and on this occasion was out meeting a dealer to make a purchase of illegal drugs. He was unaware that he was being watched by Federal Drug Enforcements agents who observed the entire drug deal. They launched an arrest and client was ordered to appear the following Monday at which time he would be arraigned. In one weekend, Attorney Barabino and Nick his assistant, developed a massive trove of notes, then developing that in a background memorandum and a 5-page petition for judicial diversion. Also, we developed a 111E petition, and finally a Brave Act Diversion package—all in a weekend. On Monday, the case was in fact diverted and he was never arraigned. Today, after months of behind-the-scenes therapy, the case was DISMISSED, before arraignment so it will never show up on his record.
RESULT: DEA Drug Case Results in No Record.