April 14th 2015
Assault and Battery
Assault and Battery with a Dangerous Weapon
Client was pleasant and easy-going young father from a supportive and close family. Client was charged with assaulting and battering his girlfriend, two separate counts. According to police, they had come to the couple's home two separate times during one night. The police had suspicions about domestic violence, but no arrests were made. However, police were called a third time after the couple were now in their car arguing on the side of a road nearby. The female had bloodied, swollen eyes, and scratches, and the client had blood on his many rings on his fingers. The police arrested client, and a full evidentiary hearing was held for a dangerous hearing or 58A hearing. At that hearing, the judge heard from many witnesses, including client's sister from Florida. After a hearing, the judge declared that the client should be released pending trial and should not be held without bail. At trial, the commonwealth was unable to move forward with the evidence they had and the court allowed a dismissal of all charges.
RESULT: Dangerous Hearing (58A) SUCCESSFUL, Client Released Pending Trial, CASE DISMISSED.