CWOF; client moving forward and record preserved

January 6, 2023
Operating Under the Influence of Alcohol
Carrying a Firearm While Intoxicated
Possession of An Open Container of Alcohol
Failure to Yield
Client was a young Marine who went out drinking with his buddy. The friend was unable to drive because of his drinking so Client took over the responsibility for him. Client, however, was not in a state to drive himself and was eventually stopped for a traffic violation. Client was polite and respectful to police but ultimately arrested because he was intoxicated. Police observed that he exhibited the classic symptoms and signs of alcohol intoxication. Client also lawfully had in his possession a firearm which led to another charge because of his sobriety. After Client took a breathalyzer test and blew .20, he was automatically designated for a court program called 24Q which requires a mandatory evaluation with any disposition. The case was Continued Without a Finding, which means it will eventually be dismissed after Client complies with court conditions.
RESULT: CWOF; client moving forward and record preserved