December 20th 2016
Assault and Battery
Client was a hard-working veteran and full-time US Army serviceman. He was charged with assaulting and battering his soon to be ex-wife. Conviction of such a crime would seriously threaten his military career. Fortunately, Attorney Barabino was able to cleverly find away around the charges. After an investigation, it was determined that the accuser appeared to have broken some laws. Attorney Barabino began the process for filing for a hearing to issue criminal charges against the accuser. The paperwork was filed and hearing was eventually held. At the conclusion of hearing, magistrate agreed with Attorney Barabino that charges should be filed against the accuser. A trial date was set but because charges were filed against accuser, she would incriminate herself if she testified. Both cases were consequently dismissed.
RESULT: Cross-complaint issued. Charges DISMISSED.