Criminal Case results in 180 Days Crime Free = Dismissal.

April 14th 2023
Resisting Arrest
Failure to Provide Identification
Failure to Provide Identification (2)
2 Civil Citations
Client was a pleasant, hardworking father who had just left this child birthday party. After the birthday party, he simply pulled over his licensed and insured motor vehicle. However, as he sat quietly in the driver’s seat of his vehicle, a person, dressed in civilian clothes said they were a police officer demanded his license. Startled, concerned, and confused, he and the person, who ended up being an officer charged him with resisting arrest and failure to provide a license and 2 civil citations. The officer declared that Lawrence was “his city”. In the end, truly disturbing conduct. A petition was filed for judicial diversion and that was taken under advisement and denied. Eventually, a motion to suppress was filed and a hearing conducting which resulted in extracting evidence (via testimony) of this officer. Upon meeting the officer at court, he just as my client described him; indignant, self-righteous one of the worse creep factors in nearly twenty years of practicing. As a disclaimer, I find and overwhelming majority of police officers decent, approachable, and reasonable people. But this officer was disturbing. In fact, this officer stated that he didn’t send a second request for a second charge, but we still question his veracity. In the end, Attorney Barabino was preparing the case for one conclusion, which was a trial. However, client was eager to move away from this area and attempt to see if there was something that he could do to close the case and move on—and not get a guilty conviction or worse. As a result, a plea was struck for client to admit to sufficient facts for two criminal violations where the case will be dismissed in 180 days, and the civil violations are found not responsible. Also, the District Attorney had agreed to a motion to dismiss on 2nd charge. Also, expungement on one of the two failure to provide ID charge.
RESULT: Criminal Case results in 180 Days Crime Free = Dismissal.