Crack Cocaine Complaint Does NOT Issue

July 12, 2023
Possession of Class “B” Cocaine
Hard working father and husband was out at a gambling establishment with some others. After a few drinks he went to the bathroom at the same time as a friend. One of the many officers found the behavior suspicious the officer went to the bathroom and saw one person hand a small bag of crack cocaine to another person who was Attorney Barabino’s client. Both client and his friend were summoned to court—a clerk magistrate hearing was had to determine if there was probable cause for the charges. Also, client had a no-trespass order from the same gambling organization, so he was also charged with trespassing. Client and his friend were both hard working educated professionals and hoping the charges would not issues since they would affect their employment and job prospects. Attorney Barabino drafted up affidavits of the client, his background and history and the facts of the case. Also, an affidavit of the spouse, an apology letter to the casino owner, an acknowledgment of no-trespass moving forward, a lack of probable cause memorandum and finally a hair follicle test which demonstrated that my client had had no drugs in his system for 90 days. In the end, law enforcement and the court reviewed everything as a whole and decided that this is a case that does not need to move forward and will not move forward.
RESULT: No Arraignment for Cocaine Possession.