Continuation Without a Finding and civil citation dismissed

April 6, 2023
Operating Under the Influence of Intoxicating Liquor
Civil Motor Vehicle Infraction
Client was a pleasant father and businessman viewed by police leaving an establishment serving alcohol. An officer observed Client driving in his car the wrong direction down a one-way street. Although he was not traveling fast, this was enough to pull him over. The officer observed Client with glassy eyes, an odor, and slightly slurred speech. Client also admitted to drinking alcohol, which the officer noted in his report. After this interaction, the officer asked Client to get out of his car and observed brief unsteadiness. He was arrested and at the station blew .18% during his breach test. Breath tests are admissible again in a number of counties in Massachusetts, including where this case took place in Middlesex. After consultations with Attorney Barabino, Client and his family agreed with Attorney Barabino’s suggestion that the best course of action would be to seek a plea. Client’s plea was accepted by the court and Client is happy to put this chapter of his life behind him.
RESULT: Continuation Without a Finding and civil citation dismissed