Complaint Dismissed, Harassment Prevention Order Does Not Issue  

March 3, 2020
Harassment Prevention Order
Clients were very pleasant, hard-working young ladies with no criminal records. Clients had a dispute with a former friend, and that friend alleged facts that were simply not true in complaint. According to accuser, clients were harassing her. Accuser presented some evidence, but it was not reliable and not enough for a harassment order to issue. Attorney Barabino took the case on, meeting for several hours with clients to plan approach and prepare witnesses. In court, several witnesses were called to discredit the testimony of the accuser. Attorney Barabino prepared a cross harassment order alleging that it was in fact the accuser who was the perpetrator of harassing actions. At the hearing, the judge listened to all the evidence and testimony and found that the accuser’s allegations did not rise to a sufficient level meriting issue of a harassment order. Accuser’s complaint was dismissed and her harassment order application denied.
RESULT: Complaint Dismissed, Harassment Prevention Order Does Not Issue