Case Dismissed, Motion to Expunge Allowed

August 25, 2020
Motion to Expunge
Client was a hardworking father and local news technician. While driving with his family, he was stopped for a routine civil infraction. When police ran his license, as they always do with a traffic stop, it was discovered that client had a warrant for his arrest issued in a different county for domestic assault and battery. This warrant was false. Client had never been to that county before. Client was brought to court and the judge dismissed him on the warrant. It was clear that this was a case of mistaken identity. Client worked with Attorney Barabino to get the dismissed which they did. Once that was complete, Attorney Barabino and client began the process of expungement. With the passage of the 2018 Massachusetts Crime Bill, opportunities for expunging or completely wiping out a criminal record have been greatly expanded, including for cases of mistaken identity. With expungement, the record is physically destroyed so it literally cannot be seen or accessed by anyone. Attorney Barabino realized that his client qualified and accessed and applied the law to successfully obtain one. Thanks to the expungement, there will be no evidence of criminal conduct on client's record.
RESULT: Case Dismissed, Motion to Expunge Allowed