Assault and Battery Over 60, DISMISSED

February 1st 2018
Assault and Battery OVER 60/Disabled
Client was a Doctor of Research at a Pharmaceutical company when a family member suddenly struck him hard. He responsibly called the police to notify them of what occurred. However, after speaking to the person that struck him, the police determined that he was the aggressor and arrested him for this felony offense instead. Attorney Barabino prepared for trial confident in the innocence of his client and the strength of his case despite the severe consequences of a potential conviction--client would certainly lose his prosperous employment, be deported and separated from his wife and children (as he was on a “green card”), and possibly serve prison time as a convicted felon. At the day of trial, Commonwealth was unable to proceed as a necessary witness was unavailable, and Attorney Barabino requested that the court dismiss the charges. Dismissal was subsequently entered.