Assault and Battery of Police Officer Dropped.

May 31st 2023
Assault and Battery on a Police Officer
Reckless Endangerment of a Child
Disorderly Conduct
A pleasant hard-working dad took the day off to spend with his two young children. When this person is not drinking, he is as diplomatic, polite and responsible—however add alcohol to him and the decency, charm and judgment vanishes---rapidly. According to police, he was at an ice cream establishment and bar, and he was intoxicated. Client was refused service due to his intoxication and arguing with people around him. The police stated that the children’s diaper had feces on them as well as on the child’s legs. Client began berated the police with vile names causing increased concern for law enforcement. Moreover, client was holding his children. Eventually, client took his hand and pushed the officer which was assault and battery. He was arrested. Client had had past operating under the influence and the family testified that they had a variety of concerns. The mother of the children took out a restraining order as well. Client and Attorney Barabino worked for nearly a year. Eventually, getting the restraining order dismissed. Client committed to sobriety and passed 100% of his alcohol screens, he submitted a hair follicle test which was clean and remained employed. At the plea, that information was submitted with a disposition memorandum. At the hearing, the Commonwealth had already agreed based on past discussion to dismiss the Assault and Battery charge. Eventually, the judge decided that the two remaining charges can be dismissed after a one-year period of time and a admission to sufficient facts. Also, three months of additional drug and alcohol screens.
RESULT: Assault and Battery of Police Officer Dropped.