A&B and Resisting Arrest at Encore Casino: Case Dismissed, No Criminal Record

February 20, 2020
Assault and Battery
Assault and Battery Against Police Officer
Resisting Arrest
Client was pleasant, professional young CPA. According to police he was at local Encore casino late at night and intoxicated. Police stated that client got into a relatively insignificant but possibly criminal altercation against fellow casino player and subsequently left scene. Police later located client and began speaking with him. When they did, client reacted with a combination of poor judgement and alcohol. Unaware that the officers were police, client got into an altercation with one. This led to the client being taken down by law enforcement and arrested. In the end, Attorney Barabino and client were able to work through the evidence and with prosecutor come to an agreement that this was an event that was unacceptable and never should have occurred. Client expressed desire to take responsibility. He was given disposition with very manageable conditions which will allow the case to simply be dismissed with admission of wrongdoing
RESULT: Case Dismissed, No Criminal Record


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