March 20th 2024
Domestic Assault and Battery (Household Member)
Client was pleasant hard-working union professional at casino with his girlfriend. This couple were enjoying themselves until they got into a petty dispute with each other. At the time they got into the petty dispute they were drinking alcohol and were intoxicated. This petty dispute resulted in client’s partner punching him in the face a couple times. Once client was punched in the face, he ran after girlfriend and aggressively tried to resolve the matter which resulted actions that were sufficient touching for the crime of assault and battery. Often, in most criminal offenses, there is not video evidence, but in this case, at this gambling location, there is military grade high resolution video that captures angles that are often not helpful to the defense, as was in this case. The prosecutor sought a guilty conviction with a period for 18-Months, Community Service, a 42-Week Intimate Partners Program and a stay away from the location. We presented an alternative a continuation of a finding instead of a guilty, no intimate partners program and no community service and also a lesser period of probation of a year. The Judge accepted the defendant’s plea with an agreement that he attend monthly counseling and agree not to drink as he recently became sober. Case will be dismissed in a year.
RESULT: Judge Accept Defendant’s Recommendation for Plea for Domestic Assault and Battery