24Q & 24D Plea Deal

August 15, 2020
1st Offense OUI
Negligent Operation
Client was a hardworking physician who was charged with OUI and Negligent Operation. They had no prior record. According to the Police, client failed the sobriety test and the Breathalyzer. After a full review, investigation and consultation with Attorney Barabino it was determined that a plea was going to be the chosen path. Because the Breathalyzer test reading was as high, any plea had to include what is referred to an as 24Q evaluation. With that understood, Attorney Barabino and the Prosecutor developed an agreed upon plea disposition that allowed the charge of Negligent Operation to be DISMISSED and the OUI charge be a 24D Disposition. With this disposition, client would be given a Continuation Without a Finding (CWOF)and NOT a Guilty finding. They would be given the shortest probation period of one year and not two, and they would not have to perform any additional conditions aside from the 16-week program that must be completed by all candidates for the program.
RESULT: 24Q, 24D Plea.