1st OFFENDERS Disposition, NOT RESPONSIBLE Both Civil Infractions.

November 8th 2018
FIRST OFFENSE OUI- Liquor or .08%
Marked Lanes Violation

Mobile Phone, Operator Use Improperly
Client, a young Ph.D. Biotech manager was charged with OUI first offense. According to Police, she was seen driving erratically late at night. The police arrested her after they believed she failed the sobriety test and other indicators of intoxication. Not interested in prolonged, possibly unpredictable and more costly litigation she chooses enter a plea before the court. Attorney Barabino, moved the case so that she could close out the case sooner that it had been originally planned. Once at court, the understanding and reasonable district attorneys reviewed her background and engaged in a discussion, agreeing to a continued without-a-finding for 12 months and 45-day loss of license. They also agreed to find her Not Responsible for the Mobile Phone use ticket. Once in front of the judge, Attorney Barabino argued for the above disposition AND for her to be found NOT RESPONSIBLE on the marked lanes violation, to which the judge agreed too.
RESULT: 1st OFFENDERS Disposition, NOT RESPONSIBLE Both Civil Infractions.