Attorney Barabino Comments on Case to The Boston Herald

Attorney Barabino provided comments to The Boston Herald on the high-profile case of Michelle Carter, a teen facing serious criminal charges for sending text messages encouraging another to commit suicide. Attorney Barabino comments on emerging case law relating to how courts see the differences between the brains of adults and minors.

Attorney Barabino Speaks to WBZ Boston about Lifetime Community Parole

In this clip watch as Attorney Barabino speaks with the media about his thoughts on a July 2014 decision on lifetime community parole handed down by the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court.

Attorney Barabino Features in a Huffington Post Article

Attorney Barabino is often mentioned and quoted for his work as a Massachusetts criminal defense lawyer. The Huffington Post recently mentioned Attorney Barabino in a print article, reporting on his work representing a client facing serious sex charges.

Attorney Barabino Speaks to WBZ Boston about a High-Profile Sex Crimes Case

In this video Attorney Barabino speaks with reporters from WBZ Boston about the suicide of his client and the implications for the case going forward. Attorney Barabino answers questions from the media on the high-profile cases he represents.

The Boston Herald Records a Press Conference Between Attorney Barabino and Reporters

Watch as Attorney Barabino fields questions from reporters on a case he is representing. A simple Google search will show how Attorney Barabino’s name is widespread for the reputable work he does as a Boston criminal defense attorney. In this video Attorney Barabino discusses a creative proposal on behalf of a high-profile client accused of sex charges.

International News Reports on Attorney Barabino’s Case

Attorney Barabino’s high caliber of legal professionalism has had him featured in international news articles. Read the United Kingdom’s The Daily Mail report on Attorney Barabino’s ingenious proposal to get one of his clients a lighter sentence on sex charges.

NECN Reports on Attorney Barabino’s Case

A criminal defense lawyer with more than a decade of experience. New England Cable News is one of many local outlets that have reported on Attorney Barabino’s work.

Fox 25 News Follows Attorney Barabino’s Contested Motion to Suppress

Even Attorney Barabino’s procedural work for his clients attracts the eyes of the media. Watch in this clip as Fox 25 News questions Attorney Barabino about his Motion to Suppress. With years of experience under his belt, Attorney Barabino has a comprehensive understanding of the importance of evidence in a criminal trial.

Attorney Barabino Comments to NECN about High-Profile Case

Attorney Barabino appreciates the importance of defending the interests of his clients. New England Cable News is only one of many local networks Boston’s premier criminal defense attorney has engaged with.

The Boston Globe Reports on Attorney Barabino’s Case

Read here The Boston Globe’s article on Attorney Barabino’s work in a high-profile sex crimes case that he represented. A preeminent face to Boston’s legal community, Attorney Barabino’s work grabs the attention of his colleagues and outside observers alike.


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