A continued without a finding “CWOF” is term used to describe an agreement between a defendant charged with a crime and the court.  Often people within the court system will sound out the abbreviated term when discussing this agreement or disposition. (sounds like “quaff”).

A CWOF disposition mean that a Defendant entered into a formal submission and acceptance of a plea of an “admission to sufficient facts”, whereby a criminal case is continued to a date certain without the formal entry of a guilty finding. If the person complies with the terms of probation a dismissal of the criminal case will enter. However, if a person does not complete the requirement of the probation period the judge can sentence that person, up to the maximum sentence allowed by law. Lastly, even though full compliance of a CWOF will result in a dismissal of the charge(s) the admission to sufficient facts will be considered by some (such as Immigration officials or Department of Defense and the like) to equate to a GUILTY verdict. 



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