Can a Court Order me to Follow Conditions of Release?

Can the Court Order Me to Abide by Conditions of Release?

Yes, it can. When someone is arraigned in court and notified the charges against them, the District Attorney may ask for cash bail—meaning they pay money for the court to hold until the case is finished. The purpose of cash bail to make sure you show up for court.

In addition the court may also order “conditions of release”. Pre-trial conditions of release are conditions that may be ordered in addition to, or in lieu of, cash bail under any of the following bail statutes: G.L. c. 276, § 42A, § 57, § 58, § 58A, § 58B, or § 87.

The Purposes of Pretrial Conditions of Release

  1. To ensure the defendant’s return to court while the criminal charges are pending.
  2. To restrict or compel the defendant’s conduct in a manner authorized by the bail statute under which release is ordered. For example, no abuse of a person, stay away from a person or stay away from a location.
  3. To protect alleged victims, other individuals, and the community through the imposition of appropriate pretrial conditions and /or supervision. Other conditions, can be random drug screens, breathalyzer machine testing and or AA, or NA meetings and the like.
  4. To prevent, as appropriate, any negative collateral consequences of pretrial incarceration ###